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Axcess Physical Therapy, LLC is a BBB Accredited Rehabilitation Service in Bourbonnais, IL
Philosophy, Axcess Physical Therapy, Kankakee IL
Physical Therapy Kankakee IL | Axcess Physical Therapy

Welcome to Axcess Physical Therapy. If you or someone you know is suffering from an injury or condition that limits mobility or interferes with overall quality of life Axcess Physical Therapy can help. Even if you have received Physical Therapy in the past, we invite you to see the difference Axcess Physical Therapy can make and want you to experience the results of our unique approach.

At Axcess, we understand that rehabilitation can be complex. You can expect our highly trained rehabilitation professionals to take the necessary time to completely address your specific needs through our One-on-One treatment philosophy. Following a comprehensive evaluation, we will apply the latest research and proven hands-on treatment methods within our fully equipped state-of-the-art facilities to return you to optimal health and function. Ask your physician for a prescription for a new kind of physical therapy. Call for an appointment at 815-614-2100.

Mission, Axcess Physical Therapy, Kankakee IL

"Our mission is to provide a personalized rehabilitation experience that is compassionate, professional and evidence-based. Our hands-on treatment philosophy delivered by a staff of APTA board certified specialists, Doctors of Physical Therapy, and clinicians with advanced levels of clinical training separate us from our competition."

Our Values, Axcess Physical Therapy, Kankakee IL

Our unique core values define your experience according to our 5 C's.

  • Caring - Taking the time to listen, our professional staff wants to learn more about your lifestyle, your condition and how we can help with no exceptions! Every patient is a unique and complex case.
  • Compassion - One-on-one care at Axcess assures that your individual rehabilitation needs will be met in a personal, caring and professional manner. We ensure your privacy and HIPPA compliance is assured.
  • Consistency - We promise consistent care with the same team of professionals with whom you begin your treatment plan. We won't bounce you around between providers, and ask you to repeat your story again and again.
  • Commitment - Axcess Physical Therapy is committed to the highest quality rehabilitation provided exclusively by board certified specialists, Doctors of Physical therapy or those with advanced clinical training and under our close supervision.
  • Community - Axcess PT feels it has a duty to give back to the community in the form of stewardship and generosity to worthwhile causes.
History, Axcess Physical Therapy, Kankakee IL
Axcess Physical Therapy, Kankakee IL

It was his background working as a laborer, playing competitive baseball and genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of others that led Aaron Fuerst, founder of Axcess Physical Therapy, to the profession of physical therapy. Witnessing first-hand how devastating a work-related or sports injury can impact a person's life, Aaron decided he wanted to help others and entered the physical therapy program at Washington University's School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri.

After years working in other physical therapy clinics for over a decade, Aaron Fuerst, PT, DPT, CWCE established Axcess Physical Therapy based on his belief that patients and communities deserve access to exceptional health care that is personal, professional and evidence-based. Realizing this philosophy and unique approach was not obtainable elsewhere, Aaron established Axcess Physical Therapy and opened his first clinic in Kankakee, Illinois in 2009.

Axcess Physical Therapy, Kankakee IL

Today, Axcess is an independently owned physical therapy corporation adhering to the guiding principle of putting patients' needs first, and has quickly established a reputation for clinical excellence among patients, referring physicians and case managers.

This simple "Patient First" philosophy and commitment to excellence in service has allowed Axcess to grow and stand out among its competition. As a result of its reputation, Aaron has been able to assemble a team of highly skilled professionals and a staff who share his vision of helping communities and patients regain quality of life.

Why Axcess? Quality!, Axcess Physical Therapy, Kankakee IL

What distinguishes Axcess from other rehabilitation providers is our commitment to one-on-one care and ongoing communication with patients and referring physicians. We understand that the best rehabilitation results depend upon continuity of care, and Axcess assures this continuity to its patients and referring physicians. The key to our reliable results is effective communication with your surgeons, rehabilitation specialists and physicians. Patients can expect to receive our undivided attention for the duration of their treatment.

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